Senergo App

Part of Senergo’s vision of the future is simplicity
in energy trading. Our App enables users
to trade energy and manage their wallet
straight from their phone or laptop with a simple,
user-friendly interface.

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Energy Trading with SED

Senergo App is a platform that uses the SED as a digital asset whose value is backed up by energy. One token represents 1 kWh of energy stored in a distributed storage device.

*This is a demo version. In the current version of the app, not all features are available. As soon as the Senergo blockchain gets released, the app will be updated, unlocking Senergo app’s full potential.

Benefits of the Senergo App

Users will be able to trade SED via the exchange with prices set by supply and demand mechanism.

Users can manage SED via wallet, trace origin and carbon emission of the generated energy and monitor the usage of electricity.

Straightforward interface, enabling anyone in Senergo's energy grid system to buy and sell energy quickly and easily.

Future Plans

We plan to build an extension to our blockchain technology and make buying electricity autonomous and independent. For example, an EV that needs charging will automatically purchase the SED required to charge the vehicle without any human activity.