- Research and Analysis of blockchain potential in green energy markets - Development of Senergo blockchain - Whitepaper 1.0 - Website 1.0 - Social Media platforms launch - ICO - SED public launch - Pancakeswap launch - Coinmarketcap/Coingecko listings - Other major exchanges listings - App 1.0 launch - Further Marketing for public/private attention - Goal of a strong community of supporters of Senergo Ecosystem - Attraction of major capital for further development of Senergo blockchain


- Further development and testing of Senergo blockchain - App 2.0 release - Whitepaper 2.0 with all the development of technology done and further vision - 50k $ Senergo blockchain hack competition marathon - Release of Senergo blockchain - Senergo ambassador program launch - Senergo energy wallet release - Partnerships with green energy providers and first integrations of Senergo blockchain into the energy markets - Senergo Digital toolkit release - Launch of Dapps for green energy companies on our blockchain - Staking and rewards for users - Senergo energy exchange release for fair market prices


- Integrations of Senergo blockchain into most green energy producers: from single solar panel owners to largest green energy companies - Completion of Senergo Ecosystem - Development of AI software for connection between everyday electric products and Senergo ecosystem, making energy trading fully autonomous - Production of green energy systems - Further development of world-changing technologies