Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate the
decarbonization and decentralization of the global
economies by creating an interconnected
energy system of participants producing,
tracking, and trading renewable
energy on a decentralized exchange.

Senergo is the decentralized
future of the energy markets.

New electricity market

Our team strongly believes that possessing a blatantly massive market share, where only major power purchasers with energy spending in the millions can afford to buy green energy directly from producers, is utterly unacceptable.

As a result, small-scale energy producers often underproduce due to the inability to trade their excess energy; otherwise, they must go through lengthy and complex processes to sell it to large energy companies.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to create a decentralised renewable energy ecosystem, where both energy producers and consumers are benefiting off blockchain technology. Senergo blockchain tracks and records both the origin and the carbon emissions of the generated electricity. Senergo ecosystem gives the ability for producers to instantaneously find buyers and trade their energy on the P2P platform, smart-contracts are used to provide the needed security and significantly boost the transaction times.

With the prices being set by the market mechanisms rather than manipulations of large corporations, both consumers and producers are benefiting of a fair green-energy market. Senergo ecosystem finally brings the power over energy back to people, freely deciding where to buy/sell and for how much. For the first time people can earn from producing renewable energy.

Our main goal is decarbanisation
of the global economies through
acceleration of renewable energy adoption.

We believe that energy should benefit all. Join the decentralized energy grid, generate clean energy, power your house, trade with your neighbour, and help the world reach the zero- carbon goal by 2050 – all with Senergo.