We are achieving Our Mission
of integrating blockchain technology
into the energy sector by deriving
it from an already existing one – Ethereum.

Senergo Blockchain is the future of energy transactions

Senergo Technology

Ethereum enables us to avoid spending vast amounts of resources and time trying to build something that already exists and does the job well. We have decided it is better to focus on building on top of the Ethereum blockchain, adapt it to the energy sector needs, and solve some problems that Ethereum has.

In instance, Proof-of-Work (POW) consensus mechanism blockchains, such as Ethereum, are constrained by resources and hardware and are unlikely to scale up as a result. The consensus mechanism is innately flawed due to a lack of flexibility, which can be problematic because public blockchain and consortium blockchain are accessed by different entities and thus exert different requirements on consensus.

Senergo blockchain

Senergo blockchain, with both Senergo public blockchain and Senergo consortium blockchain, is more flexible

Senergo public

Senergo public blockchain, given its degree of decentralization, low threshold for participation, secure environment, and reliability, adopts the POS-based IPOS.

Senergo consortium

Restricted by pre-selected nodes, participated by known counterparties, and subject to different considerations for consensus, adopts a blended mechanism of Proof of Time and Raft agreement to optimize computing power in any given trusted network.

The Ethereum network

The Ethereum network cannot execute private transactions, making it hard to proceed with transactions where data privacy is required. For some applications, it is necessary to keep customer information confidential.

Our team of specialists has
changed that

With the Senergo Blockchain, it is now possible to execute public
transactions, while maintaining data confidentiality.