SED Token

At first, SED will be a bep-20 token on the Binance
Smart Chain. It is designed to draw the attention of
the public and investors to our project. Once Senergo
blockchain gets released, SED will become
a blockchain-based digital asset.

SED Meaning Backed by Energy

Each SED token represents 1KWh of actual energy stored in microgrids or distributed energy storage equipment. The energy will be traded within the Senergo Exchange using SED tokens.

Senergo system

The Senergo system will monitor real-time energy consumption through smart meters, generate SED tokens through smart contracts and issue them to users with privately-owned clean energy generators.

With real-time energy consumption monitoring, by either smart meters or charging stations compatible with Senergo, the system will also generate a private key signature script and transfer the SED token to the designated burning address.


2% tax on each transaction




Senergo blockchain


to holders


Senergo foundation

Senergo Presale

Senergo Presale:
Seed - 0.12$
Vesting: 5% TGE, 5% monthly after

Private Sale - 0.15$
Vesting: 10% TGE, and the remaining linearly over 12 months

Public Sale / ICO - 0.20$
Raising 4.000.000$ at 0.20$ per token.
Allocation per participant – min 100$ – max 500$
Vesting: 25% TGE, and the remaining linearly over six months