and Transparent
Energy System

Net zero
goal by
2021 renewables
0 billion
Market share
of renewables
Total investment
by 2050

Senergo is developing an open-source blockchain platform to allow peer-to-peer interaction between grid participants, a fully digitalized value chain from energy sources to distribution, as well as democratization and localization of the energy markets.

The future of energy

Our goal is to accelerate the decarbonization of the global economies. We do this by building energy blockchain solution that increase the use of renewable, local and decentralised energy, improve energy efficiency and unlock the value of energy flexibility.

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First scalable
energy ecosystem

Transforming energy markets

Senergo implements blockchain to connect energy producers of varying capacities with consumers of diverse needs and encourage clean energy to be consumed in an efficient and reliable way. We are critical in the future of smart grids and microgrids to bridge physical, information, and value layers.

A consumer-centric energy marketplace

Senergo Exchange allows for any renewable energy producer to readily market their energy, find buyers and sell their energy in the form of SED tokens. Our exchange eliminates any influence that big energy companies might have on the prices of electricity, and provides a fair platform where prices are set by market mechanisms.

One app to light up your home

Senergo App is a user-friendly, easy to use applicating, allowing users to trade energy on the exchange, transfer P2P and check the inflow/outflow of energy via a ledger.

Senergo App 2.0 will include autonomous charging technology and an autonomous trading mechanism, where a device automatically purchase needed energy.

Still Not Sure?
First P2P energy trading platform
Fast transaction times
Low transaction fees
Producers can track CO2 emissions
Fully transparent mechanisms
Strongest renewable energy community
Easily scalable ecosystem
Extremely secure
Fair, market-set energy prices

Partners and investors


William Brimshaw

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

Jasper Bridgman

Head of Research and Development

Ayaan Soni

Head Of Legal Department

Durgansha Kailas

Head of Marketing

Thomas Erskine

Business Development Director

Zaid Behl

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer